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Wholesale Web Orders with Eleusinia Flowers

We know that florists value their suppliers because of high quality products, straightforward ordering and delivery processes, and open communication. At Eleusinia Flowers, we seek to provide all three at the level florists expect from larger wholesale operations, marrying the excellence and sustainability of local flowers and the service and easiness of the traditional wholesale purchasing experience.

To that end, Eleusinia Flowers maintains a wholesale store on its website that provides continuously updated inventory and the availability to browse and order product at any time. This is how you can access that store:

1. Visit our "Shop" page and create a log in with your email and a password of your choice.

2. Check your inbox for an email from us. We will ask you for your Tax Exemption Certificate to verify your wholesale status.

3. Once we receive that document, you will receive access to our online store.

In the store, you will find information about our available products as well as price and available quantities. During the checkout process, we will calculate a delivery fee based on the mileage between our farm and the customer’s studio. Free pickup at the farm is always available.

We are always happy to receive questions from designers. Email us or DM us at any time. We absolutely love discussing our products with you. And we absolutely love discussing logistics with you, too, believe it or not!

One thing we are planning to improve over the course of the coming year(s): a pre-ordering system with projected quantities available.

It will take us at least one more year (possibly more) to become proficient at projecting our harvests to the degree that will allow for a reliable pre-order system. As far as we are concerned, we would much prefer to be truly experienced at this before we start offering extensive preordering. It is extremely difficult to project flowering times with accuracy, and despite extensive research into individual varieties, we will know best only after collecting years’ worth of data. However, pre-ordering is a valuable tool–for us and for you–and we are going to be tracking a lot of information this year to increase our proficiency in projecting bloom times and yields.

In a large wholesale warehouse, sufficient quantities are available such that there’s lots of wiggle room: an order of 200 stock is easy to deal with when you have 1,000 on the floor at any time and more arriving soon. These operations can afford to have extra product on hand due to very high margins. Warehouses can afford to toss bunches of items that don’t sell.

The reality of Eleusinia Flowers is different: we have no warehouse except our cooler and limited labor and space in our field for growing, so our task is to predict whether we will have 200 stock blooming at exactly the same time out of a field of 700 (maybe). We cannot afford to grow large amounts of extra product that doesn’t sell. While large scale commercial agriculture operations can hasten or slow bloom development chemically or in heating rooms, we do not. This is one of the important distinctions between traditional floriculture and our approach to floriculture. The former is destructive but more predictable. The latter is sustainable but everything ultimately happens on nature’s time. We will do our best to continue learning from our plants in the hopes of meeting florists’ every expectation, but we do ask that florists understand that we are at the mercy of our plants.

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