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Cut Flowers for Designers in VA, DC, and MD


Seasonal flowers cut to order for design work. We offer our premium blooms to florists at wholesale prices for weddings, event work, and more.

We offer bunches of single varieties or, if you so wish, buckets of mixed items suitable for your palette.


Florists: If you would like to access our store, please make an account and send us your tax exemption form at your earliest convenience. Please note that we serve an approximately 100 mile radius around Madison, VA at this time.

Do-It-Yourself Flowers for Weddings and Events


Planning to arrange flowers yourself for a party or wedding? We offer buckets of blooms for DIY floral design. Contact us, and let's discuss.


Please keep in mind our flowers are available only during their natural growing season, typically mid April through mid October. We are happy to discuss with you what flowers will be available at the time of your event.

You set your budget, and we will create a package of "standard" flowers and greenery to fit the customer's price point. All standard items--flowers or greenery--are $1.50/stem. So, for example, if you would like to spend $100 on flowers, you will receive 67 stems of standard flower or greenery stems. If you would like to spend $75, you will receive 50 stems.

Certain items are "specialty" flowers or greens, and they are priced at $3/stem. Our specialty items include: tulips, roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, amaranth, lupine, delphinium, mums, hellebores, irises, and certain alliums. Peonies are $4.50/stem. Specialty greenery includes hibiscus foliage and euphorbia.

We are happy to curate your bucket to your color palette assuming we are able to do so based on our availability!

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