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Eleusinia Flowers provides high quality, seasonal flowers to wholesale clients in the Virginia and Washington, DC regions.

Our products are harvested according to ASCFG standards to ensure maximum quality and longevity. We grow without harmful pesticides and employing methods that preserve and improve the soil, water, and other resources of our land.

We aim to act in partnership with florists to provide unique and desirable annuals and perennials that meet their need for exceptional blooms, fillers, and accents.

Blue Flower
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Our Origins

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Bonnie and Emily Collins have loved gardens for as long as they can remember. Formal, cottage, a patch of weeds--in their minds, no garden is without merit. So, when they found themselves with an unexpectedly abundant amount of time in 2020, they naturally turned to gardening as pastime and solace in the face of global pandemic.

What began as a casual desire to have a small cutting garden morphed into a far greater project, greater in scale as well as in scope. A few rows of flowers suddenly became a great many, and with a growing garden came a growing desire to see it flourish in tandem with the surrounding environment.

Eleusinia Flowers is nestled at the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains, crossed by streams and bordered by a river on one side. It is a place teeming with birds, insects, and creatures of every leaping and slithering variety. Bonnie and Emily knew it was imperative that the cutting garden exist in harmony with the more wild places on the farm. And so, they committed themselves to sustainable growing practices, ones that nurture the soil and which are respectful of nature's ways of caring for itself. As it happens, these practices improve the quality of blooms, as well. Healthy soil ensures strong and vibrant plants. The presence of natural pollinators and predators ensures successful leaf and bud development. And the absence of harmful pesticides preserves the longevity of the entire operation.

With these principles in mind, Eleusinia is able to produce extraordinary blooms from their robust cutting garden as well as a specially developed meadow filled with native wildflowers.

Flowers are objects of wondrous beauty. They can, if properly tended, be good for the earth, too. In keeping with this philosophy, our flowers are free of pesticides and grown in a manner that supports the wider ecosystem of our farm.

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