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Let us grow flowers for you.

Planning to arrange your own flowers for your wedding or event? Let us create a package of blooms and greenery according to your palette and vision.


We are happy to work within any budget to create a fully customized selection of stems.

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Here's How it Works

Step One: Decide your palette and the number of arrangements needed

Choose the dominant colors of your floral palette--something such as "peachy tones", "pink and blue", or even "pastel, all colors". If you're unsure of the right words, pick images that encapsulate your desired look. View our guide on locally available flowers for inspiration.

Consider how many arrangements you'll need. How many tables will your event have, and do each of them need an arrangement? What size would you like them to be? If you're planning a wedding, how many bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc. will you be making? Will you need cake flowers?

Sourcing your event flowers from a small farm is different from purchasing from a conventional florist. Our foremost goal will always be to provide what is seasonally available and locally achievable.

What we have in the field at any given time is dictated by growing conditions and the limitations of space and labor. Still, we strive to have a wide variety of blooms and colors at all times.

We will do our best to source the majority of your flowers from our own farm. Should we need to supplement our blooms, our first choice will be other trusted local growers.

However, we don't want you to limit your dreams! Should you want certain specialty blooms (like roses or protea) or crops that are out of season locally, we will purchase them from a wholesaler. Wholesale sourcing may also become necessary in the event of unexpected crop loss or other unforeseen circumstances. All blooms sourced from a wholesaler will be delivered to you processed and ready to use.


If your priority is that your flowers be locally grown above all else (which we love and admire!), we will source flowers strictly from our farm or from other local growers. This does require some flexibility and a willingness to create with what is available on your part. Still, we will stick to your color palette, and you can rest assured that your flowers are ultra fresh and truly sustainably grown. Just let us know that this is your preference!

Step Two: Consider your sourcing options

Step Three: Contact us

With all of these decisions in mind, please fill out the inquiry form below. We will be in contact shortly thereafter to discuss your needs. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

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Sourcing specifications

Thank You

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