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Color Palettes for Spring Weddings and Events

Let’s talk about spring event flowers, some of the very best flowers of the year.

If you’re planning a wedding or gala from April to early June in central Virginia, you will be absolutely awash with choice locally grown blooms. Let’s break down what will be ready for you based on some popular (and gorgeous!) color palettes for the season, as well as some options you may not have considered.

We’ve broken down palettes into top choices for focal and accent flowers. This is just a general guide to what might serve as the “anchor” flowers in an arrangement, but it’s by no means a hard and fast “rule”. There are no rules in the art of flowers! A mass of a single type or variety of “accent flowers” could easily make an impactful arrangement. Pick what speaks to you!

You’ll see tulips and ranunculus frequently sighted as top focal choices below. That’s because they come in every color a flower can come in, are versatile, and are extremely beautiful. They are also abundant in central Virginia during spring due to the favorable climate conditions. You will make a farmer’s dream by choosing them over roses as your starting point.

Peach, Salmon, and Pink Hues

Soft and sweet, delicate pinks are just inextricable with spring. I always think of cherry blossoms in bloom–a favorite sight from my years living in Washington, DC. However, numerous flowers in the pink-to-salmon range are available in spring.

Top focal choices: tulips, ranunculus, peonies, roses

Top accent flowers: bachelors buttons, forget-me-not, silene, stock, daffodils, snapdragons, phlox

Top colors to combine with peach/pink/salmon: blue, lavender, yellow, red, white

Green and White

Cool and clean, the green and white color palette excels in spring. White flowers are highly susceptible to pests, but insect pressure tends to be lower in spring, assuring you of flawlessly fresh-faced booms. Moreover, spring offers a wide variety of textures when it comes to white flowers, which can really make individual blooms in a minimal palette pop.

Top focal choices: tulips, ranunculus, peonies, anemone, hellebores

Top accent flowers: nigella, dianthus, daffodils (these can also make a gorgeous focal), larkspur, stock, orlaya, penstemon, snapdragons, phlox

Soft Blue or Purple

If you want a sensational wedding bouquet–one that has guests closing their eyes and sighing in delight as you walk by–build it around spring’s queen of scent: lilac. If you’ve never smelled this beauty in person, you are in for a true delight. If you want a quadruple dose of intense scent, try lilac, dame’s rocket, sweet peas, and hyacinth all together. This would make an out-of-this-atmosphere odor with a gorgeous array of textures, too.

Spring offers a lot in the way of lovely blue and purple hues, and while it’s not a highly popular choice as the key color in a palette, it is extremely dainty and sure to compliment the tender budding grass or blue skies of your event date. If something a little out of the ordinary appeals to you, maybe this is the scheme for you.

Top focal choices: tulips, ranunculus, lilac

Top accent flowers: lupine, forget-me-not, larkspur, dame’s rocket, nigella, bachelor buttons, hyacinth

Top colors to combine with blue/purple: yellow, peach, pink, white, red


A variety of yellow hues amassed in a cloud of sunshine is the perfect harbinger of joy. Pastel yellows and creams with the occasional pop of a saturated yellow will lighten the heart.

Top focal choices: peonies, ranunculus, daffodils, poppies, tulips

Top accent flowers: feverfew, hyacinth, snapdragons, stock

Top colors to combine with yellow: white, pink


Hear us out. Spring is just as moody as fall. In fact, it may be even more hardcore. Flowers are literally pushing their way from deep within the darkness with the help of little light and in temperatures at which a human would balk. While dark and deep may not be the standard look for a spring fête, there are actually a good number of spring flowers that fall into this category.

Top focal choices: tulips (darkly colored ruffled or parrot varieties are especially dramatic), ranunculus (available in many deep hues including purple and red), Dutch irises, peonies, Persian lilies

Top accent flowers: Find darkly hued fritillaria, larkspur, snapdragons, nigella, bachelor buttons, and hellebores in spring

There are so many good spring flowers, and they come in just about any color. Don’t feel limited just because spring is usually associated with pastels–that cue is not being taken from nature! Whether you go bold or gentle with your palette, you are going to have choice options in springtime. Moreover, there are so many more flowers than I’ve listed above to round out your arrangements. Approach your florist with this list of go-to local offerings, and they are sure to find more wonderful goodies on your behalf.

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