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How Do We Price Our Products?

It is of critical importance that we provide our flowers at fair prices to our customers. When pricing an item, we take into consideration the following, among other factors:

-How much time an item takes to plant, care for, and harvest. This means labor throughout the entire process, from seed starting to planting out to preparing for holding in the cooler.

-How many materials are required to grow and deliver the plant. This includes things like netting or other support structures and irrigation materials as well as buckets and sleeves to transport.

-How much space the plant takes up. Things that grow densely produce more per square foot, and garden space is valuable.

-Fertilization needs. We fertilize infrequently and sometimes not at all, but we always use high quality organic amendments.

-Yield of the plant. Highly productive plants or plants that reproduce year after year are less expensive for us to maintain.

-Our margin. This helps us cover fixed overhead, purchased equipment, and expand.

Thank you for your support of our business and continued interest in learning the ins and outs of how flowers come to be.

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